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On Shore Boards

Vancouver, BC, Canada


BRAD BRADFIELD A.G. - Inventor & Founder

Mr. Bradfield is the inventor of the patented On Shore Board system, and the original founder of the Company Bradfield On Shore Surf Boards Inc. (D.B.A. On Shore Boards).  A Canadian citizen, and a professional inventor of various patented products, Brad emigrated from South Africa to Canada in 1974 at the age of twenty-four, as a qualified journeyman in the auto-electrical/diesel fuel injection field. Since 1986, Brad has been inventing marketable products after attending a full time entrepreneurial program at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in northern Alberta, Canada. As an avid surfer and a traveling salesman Bradfield realized that he could not always be near the coast or even near surfing areas. In order to keep his skill levels up he came up with the idea to design a wheeled board that could mimic the way a surfboard, or even a snowboard, would handle. The results of many years of R&D and over 60 prior prototypes is the present day On Shore Board.

JASON BAMFORD - Design Director / Product Development

Mr. Bamford holds a Bachelor of Design Degree, with a Major in Industrial Design, from the renowned Emily Carr University of Art + Design, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Jason originally met Brad in early 2000 while completing his BA of Design Degree. After graduating in mid 2000, Jason first contracted with the internationally recognized design firm ‘Continuum’ in San Francisco where he was a part of the design and engineering team delivering product design services to numerous international clients. Mr. Bamford’s overall design experience spans digital consumer electronics, medical equipment, computers, eyewear, furniture, and sports equipment. Beyond product development of the board model product line, his design contributions to On Shore Boards include the on-going development of the Company’s overall image, branding and marketing programs.