On Shore Boards (“OSB”) is a leading edge design and manufacturing company uniquely positioned in the global action-extreme board sports industry. Our innovative line of patented products, known as On Shore Boards, are carving a new definition in boarding technology & performance, and opening up new markets in sport & recreation around the world.

The On Shore Board steering system is a multi-patented boarding technology that delivers an adrenaline ride like no other board product on the market. Its front inline wheel arrangement, isolated rear-steering, and “edge-to-edge” lean capabilities deliver a hydro-dynamic riding sensation never before experienced.

The On Shore Board is NOT A SKATEBOARD and should not be ridden like a skateboard.  The OSB functions very differently from a conventional skateboard and can be dangerous! The On Shore Board, like a surfboard, has a determined front & back end and travels in one forward direction. This is contrary to a skateboard which is bi-directional. Extreme care & caution should be taken when riding the On Shore Board and ALWAYS WEAR FULL PROTECTIVE SAFETY GEAR!

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